Social network Instagram and its features


Another story of phenomenal, downright unrealistic success on the Internet is the social network Instagram, which in a matter of years turned from an ordinary photo application for smartphones into a media giant, one of the leaders and idol of users.

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Instagram can be compared to Twitter, the utility application turned out to be suitable for communication. Even more attractive than traditional «text» social networks.

What could this mean? Psychologists, when will you do your research and give your verdict? Why do modern people more and more prefer to communicate at some instinctive, primitive communal levels, through drawings and idiomatic turns?

Times like this have come. Everybody has no time. It is not always possible to understand what a person is doing, but it looks as if he has an eternal time trouble. No time to write letters. There are a couple of seconds to click a situation that attracted attention with a smartphone and automatically distribute it to all integrated social networks.

Why did Facebook buy Instagram

A billion full-fledged green American dollars were given away by Facebook owners to Instagram owners for a controlling stake. Sharing graphic content is now even easier. Set up automatic repost in your Instagram profile and any of your published photos will instantly be available to Facebook and Twitter users.

How Instagram works

To understand everything and understand how Instagram works, you first need to go to a communication salon and buy a smartphone. Well, or a tablet — however, computer tablets have a smaller camera resolution.

Now plug in the sim card, connect to the internet and go straight to the app store. Don’t be alarmed — Instagram in this store is sold absolutely free, that is, for nothing. Freebie, Sir! It’s a sin not to use a good thing for free.

That Instagram is a good thing has long been proven by British scientists: «Millions of Instagram users cannot be wrong.» Since someone uses Instagram, does it mean that someone needs it? And since everyone uses it, then it will come in handy on the farm. You should never break away from the team, it is harmful to mental and physical health.

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